Episode #15 - David Sher, Co-CEO at Greenbacker Capital

Episode #15 – David Sher, Co-CEO at Greenbacker Capital

Global climate change is one of the hottest topics today. Greenbacker Capital, and its Co-CEO, David Sher, are changing the carbon footprint of America AND educating investors on how doing good for the environment can be a good investment strategy. Renewable energy infrastructure represents a massive opportunity for investors as the costs related to wind, solar, and energy storage have dramatically decreased over the last decade. David joins me on the show to discuss where the opportunities lie and explain why there need not be a conflict between generating great social outcomes and generating great investment returns. David co-founded Greenbacker in 2011, with a dual mission of providing solid returns for investors and enabling the transition to a renewable energy future. And he’s bringing sustainable energy and other infrastructure investment opportunities to market for financial advisors. Listen and learn about David’s unique insights on renewable energy sources, why the costs of production are no longer higher than traditional energy sources, and why energy storage opportunities are so attractive. All this and more on this 15th episode of Can You Hold My Attention?