Episode #18 - Aaron Klein, CEO and Co-Founder of Riskalyze

Episode #18 – Aaron Klein, CEO and Co-Founder of Riskalyze

Boom! Problem solved. Aaron Klein, CEO and Co-founder of Riskalyze, has taken on the challenge of investment management complexity for financial advisors and injected simplicity into the process for them and their clients. Now serving hundreds of thousands of advisors, with millions of “risk numbers” (in the form of speed limit signs!) delivered to investors, Aaron and his bright team in Auburn, California are riding this massive wave of digital transformation and loving every minute of it. So is their new investor, HG Capital, who just recapitalized Riskalyze and will pour significant money into the company. HG is particularly fond of Riskalyze’s delivery model, their learning and training culture, and the high level of client satisfaction that Riskalyze enjoys. Aaron is downright adamant about sticking to the 9 core values of his firm, and making sure that these values are not as much aspirational as they are a reflection of Riskalyze and its people. Listen to this 18th episode of Can You Hold My Attention? to learn more about these core values, Aaron’s views on key trends in the wealth management industry, and how Riskalyze is not just an investment management technology, but also a tool advisors use to fuel their growth initiatives. And if you’re wondering where Auburn is and what the little town is famous for…well, you’re learn about that too.