Episode #24 – Steve Young (HGGC) and Kay Lynn Mahue (Merit Financial Advisors)

NFL Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49’er quarterback Steve Young has teamed up with some amazing professionals in his historic career: Montana, Rice, Craig, Sanders, and….Mahue? Yes, that’s right, Kay Lynn Mahue, president of Merit Financial Advisors out of Atlanta, GA. One of the greatest quarterbacks and athletes in NFL history has turned into a successful private equity executive, and three years ago he and his colleagues at PE firm HGGC chose to take a minority stake in Merit, seeing tremendous growth potential in the wealth management industry and in the leadership qualities of Kay Lynn and Merit’s CEO, Rick Kent. Steve Young’s bet is paying off. Merit is one of the fastest growing RIAs in the country, raking in acquisition after acquisition, putting 12 deals on the scoreboard in just the last year. Now at $9 billion in assets under management, Merit was just honored as one of the top independent RIAs in the country by Forbes. Listen to this 24th episode of Can You Hold My Attention? and hear why Steve and HGGC chose to take a minority stake in Merit, how the two firms utilize each other’s strengths to assemble a strong game plan for growth, and how Kay Lynn and Steve Young match each other other, yard for yard, in intensity and focus as they work together to build their businesses.