Jeff Schulte embarked on a career in wealth management directly after college, choosing a path through sales and marketing. His journey through the industry allowed him to master the complexities of comprehensive financial, estate, and investment planning, as well as deepen his understanding of income taxes. Jeff’s expertise and commitment propelled him to become a co-founder of eMoney Advisor—a name that resonates deeply within the financial sector. 

His ambition didn’t stop there; Jeff then set out to build the finest wealth management firm in the U.S. via First Capital Advisors Group. When Jeff wanted his firm to grow at a faster pace and partner with a firm of larger girth, he was recommended to reach out to Gladstone. 

“Finding a partner like Gladstone, who was able to introduce us to the right firms that aligned with our vision, was a game-changer,” Schulte remarked. “Gladstone’s President, Mike Bilotta introduced us to about a dozen distinguished companies, each with compelling narratives that resonated with us.”

“The depth of Gladstone’s relationships and their ability to match us with candidates eager for a partnership like ours was invaluable to the process. This efficiency transformed our approach, enabling us to engage in meaningful dialogues right from the start,” Schulte observed. “Being introduced to Gladstone was a big accelerator to the process that we had been going through for years… We were kind of fumbling around in the dark and Gladstone streamlined it to the finish line.”

Jeff’s experience shows that even with the highest financial services acumen, it can still be difficult to find a good partnership on your own. Gladstone uses its expertise and connections to quickly get results for its clients. 

With the help of Gladstone, now First Capital Advisors Group has that shot in the arm to achieve the stellar growth Jeff desired while becoming a premier wealth management company.

WEG + First Capital
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