Will Mullin believed he had shaped one of Pennsylvania’s premier independent financial planning firms, until a pivotal introduction by Gladstone to the Wealth Enhancement Group changed his perspective. This connection revealed a collaborative opportunity on a national scale, where together, they could realize exponential growth. 

My decision to merge Villanova Financial Services into Hoover Financial Advisors and then move Hoover into Wealth Enhancement Group was really about taking 10 years of growth and compacting it into three, Mullin said. 

What made Will confident that he was making the right decisions was that Gladstone took the time to get to know his firm. Dan and his team came out several times to meet with me and my team to understand our firm and what I was really looking for. He demonstrated he wanted to get to know us, which I thought was really important, he explained. 

Gladstone’s depth of expertise in mergers and acquisitions was impressive to Will. He recounted, Whenever we encountered complex issues, whether tax-related or even concerning our organization structure, the Gladstone team always had insightful answers ready. Their proficiency wasnt theoretical; it was built on a foundation of real-world experience.

With Gladstone’s help, Will was confident navigating through these mergers. Working with someone who has the knowledge base to say, Ok, heres what the markets really telling us. Here are the pros, here are the cons. Heres the reason why you do a transition like this; heres why you dont.So having someone able to look at the bigger picture is important,Mullin noted. 

The successful culmination of the second merger facilitated by Gladstone allowed Mullin’s partner to retire as envisioned, marking a seamless transition and the fulfillment of their business goals.

Gladstone is not affiliated with Wealth Enhancement Group, Hoover Financial Advisors, or Villanova Financial Services.