Kevin VanDyke, founder of Bloomfield Hills Financial in Michigan, focused on meeting the wealth management needs for Detroit-area retirees, with a focus on the automotive sector. After building up his core business, Kevin shifted towards acquisitions, targeting independent wealth managers lacking exit strategies. Kevin eventually contemplated his own exit and was introduced to Dan Kreuter of Gladstone Associates.

Gladstone’s approach was not limited to spreadsheets and quantitative analysis; they significantly valued the cultural fit between my firm and potential acquirers,” said VanDyke. Realizing the need for professional guidance, Kevin embraced Dan’s advice, leading to exposure to a wider range of potential buyers and deeper industry insights. Dan’s expertise provided reassurance and clarity, highlighting the benefits of specialized guidance in significant business transitions. Ultimately, Kevin proceeded with a strategic acquisition by Sageview Advisory Group in October 2021. 

“The solution provided by Gladstone Associates was not just in identifying potential buyers or navigating the financial complexities of the deal,” said VanDyke. “It was also about offering a level of expertise and insight that was both reassuring and enlightening for me. It underlined the importance of having an experienced guide in navigating the nuances of such significant business transitions, emphasizing that even seasoned professionals can benefit from specialized expertise.”

“Moving on from a career that’s been your life’s work is deeply emotional,” said VanDyke. “I saw my own journey mirrored in the retirement concerns of my clients. Balancing emotions and logic in decision-making was a challenge at times, but Gladstone’s support was crucial. Dan’s mix of humor and savvy insight was just what I needed to handle the emotional aspects of selling the business that I had built.” Now enjoying a fulfilling retirement, engaging in activities like spearfishing and managing new ventures, Kevin’s journey with Gladstone was transformative, demonstrating the significant impact of expert advice during crucial life transitions.

Gladstone is not affiliated with Bloomfield Hills Financial or Sageview Advisory Group.