The Gladstone Valuation

As experts in privately-held financial & investment advisory businesses, we always arrive at a fair, comprehensive, and accurate valuation. Whether you are a buyer or seller or require a valuation for stakeholders or legal purposes, industry‐specific knowledge is essential to calculating the true market value of your business; simply multiplying revenue by an archaic formula is not good enough for Gladstone clients. Gladstone’s proprietary valuation model factors in complex details and drivers (borne from our pioneering work in creating web-based digital dashboards), resulting in a valuation highly specific to the world of the financial intermediary. Premiums and Discounts, market factors, KPI's and Private Market Comparables are important overlays to AUM-Revenue-EBITDA-EBOC.

Gladstone’s Fair Market Valuation provides a thoughtful, customized report; when an Accredited Valuation is required, our CVA professionals will  design and support a comprehensive, defensible report. Gladstone’s proven track record in utilizing highly specialized valuation metrics will be sure to help you buy right, sell profitably, and transfer wisely.

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