The Gladstone Valuation

As experts in financial services businesses, we always arrive at a fair, comprehensive, and accurate valuation. Whether you are a buyer or seller or require a valuation for stakeholders or legal purposes, industry‐specific knowledge is essential to calculating the true market value of a business; simply multiplying revenue by an archaic formula is not good enough for Gladstone clients. Gladstone’s proprietary valuation model factors in complex details and drivers, resulting in a valuation highly specific to the world of the financial intermediary. Premiums and Discounts, market factors, KPI's and Private Market Comparable are important overlays to AUM-Revenue-EBITDA-EBOC.

Gladstone’s Fair Market Valuation provides a thoughtful and defensible valuation report; when an incisive, specialized Valuation is required, our professionals will design and support a comprehensive, customized report. Gladstone’s proven track record in utilizing highly specialized valuation metrics will be sure to help you buy right, sell profitably, and transfer wisely.

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